make people smile while learning

About AncientC

We are a bunch of developers and game designers creating learning applications and AR/VR experiences.

We believe that learning can be a delightful experience. In itself there is nothing boring or exhausting in learning. Only our obsolete learning systems - frontal schooling - made it feel like that.

It is 2024. This concept is changing now. Learning can be the most exciting and delightful thing you've ever experienced.

To support our endeavours we are happy to help you in your Unity 3D projects, whether it is learning app or AR/VR. Our experience with SteamVR and HTC Vive enables you to create interactive VR environments.


Some of our pet projects that are not covered by NDA's

Flight Navigation Asset for HTC Vive

Enjoy flying around like a superhero using our free Unity 3D asset

Language Mahjong 3D

Discover Chinese characters while playing a game: Mahjong

Fly in an abstract art world

Enjoy flying in Kevin Mack's abstract art world: Blortasia

Fractal Flow VR Lucid Dreaming

Experience different rich spaces: particles flowing around you, animating shapes and fireworks

Public Speaking Simulator

Boost your public speaking skills: in this app people stare at you, so that you can eliminate your fears

Underground 3D Map of Budapest

Katalin created a 3D model of all public underground structures of Budapest

Contact AncientC

Let us know how we can help in your projects

Hungarian Phone: +36 30 99 89 709

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