Just a few excellent pictures composed together to communicate the mood of my project

Moodboard for my pet project Zooming Emails

I consider my life mission to “create a better way to use computers”. So I had to take this interaction design courseĀ in University Moholy-Nagy:

We were asked to prepare a pet project and I choose the subject of “zooming emails”. I was discouraged, because it is difficult to design zooming interfaces. However I believe that ZUIs will simply take over windowed interfaces, so I started on this one anyway.


User experience, interaction design, app developer are all brand new fields and I think they are kind of difficult to find in formal education. So I was very happy to find this course announced in September 2013. I felt that with my profile it is a must to go.

Of course an eight week course cannot prepare us for all cases, but it can start us on the road. Real life projects and references are the real milestones here, not certificates.

We have “theory” on Monday and Tuesday and practice on Saturday. On the first day Thomas Fogarasy said, that having an idea in itself is like 1%. I agree. The other 99% is planning, preparing and getting “deep in the jungle”.


Until now we are through some interface design theory, formulated project ideas, created personas and wireframes. I am curious how far we will get.

Here you see an example moodboard, personas and a basic description of purpose and functions:
[gview file=”ZoomingEmail01.pdf”]

The one to contact with hot zooming projects: zbalaiemil