• is a developer since 1991
  • started working on SAP projects in 1998 and they are still a big part of his life.
  • continuously learns languages, speaks English(fluent), German(C2), Spanish(B2), French(B1) and a little bit of Chinese(B1). He and his friends are creating language learning games.

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For many years my mission was to “create a better way to use computers“. Then, one day – while talking to a charming Chinese student – it dawned on me, that it is not computers. It is people. It is people smiling. It can be an inner smile or an outer smile, or just a little “ha” moment, but it is people I do care about.

People, like you and me, access pictures, sounds, all kinds of bits and pieces that has relevance. This is digital data and thus I would speak about Human-Data instead of Human-Computer interaction. Computers are only tools to help us – or distract us from – reaching our bits that form photos, documents, computer games and more. Computers however started to dominate us, stealing our most valuable asset: time. This is not OK. This has to change.

So now, let’s have people interact with data and smile in the meantime. Make one billion people smile. That is my mission.

Fun Facts

  • At the age of eleven designed brake light for bikes
  • As he put the sticker onto his Russian Tourist (турист) bike around 1985, he didn’t understand the text on it: “There is no place like Hawaii”
  • First PC was on a wooden board, like this (1990 PC XT). Used a coin on two pins to reset it 🙂


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