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We have done some really complex SAP projects and many AR/VR projects in Unity 3D.

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Can ChatGPT pass an Open SAP exam ?

I enrolled in an Open SAP course and I was curious if a language model like ChatGPT could pass an...

How I use ChatGPT?

One of my friends developed a web browser game using ChatGPT. Although it functioned properly, it...

Creating a Shared Learning Community in 3D Space

How can we create cyberspace for interactive education? What features and parameters are needed to...

Setup Unity 3D Universal Rendering Pipeline for the Oculus Quest

I managed to set up my first app for the Oculus Quest with Unity’s new Universal Render Pipeline...

Software Development in 1979 and in 2019 / Vue.js vs dBASEIII+

How did software development looked like in 1979? How does it look in 2019? What is the difference...

Douglas Engelbart’s Mother of All Demos 50 Years Old

Douglas Engelbart and his team held a revolutionary presentation in 1968 that 50 years later in...

Fully autonomous AI trams and trains coming

I thought in 2018 we will see tons of new machine learning and deep learning projects each month,...

Noteworthy Deep Learning Projects 2018 May

Each month there are new practical uses of machine learning and deep learning. Here we are...

Testimonials & Featured Clients

We have like forty fields to edit in the transaction and it still feels good because of your grouping. Thank you!

I think the app is well usable now. We could of course tune it further, but it does what we planned together.

Norbert, Senior Dev @ Docmet

I want to thank you for all your help with Unity and especially for your help with the flying navigation system.

Kevin Mack, Visual Effect Pioneer @ kevinmackart.com

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