One of my friends developed a web browser game using ChatGPT. Although it functioned properly, it required over a hundred iterations. I got curious how I can use this engine to better my development process. It definitely made my workflow more engaging by creating an interactive dialogue. It feels as though I am conversing with a sentient being. Even though I am aware that it is an illusion, it makes me feel like I have a highly knowledgeable robotic colleague.


It can do some very basic ABAP programming, but it works like I did twenty years ago. It seems it was trained on “old style” abap code instead of new style. I suppose they will upgrade this part too. 

It is useful to find SAP transactions though.

Programming Patterns

I have always been interested in programming patterns, but up until now, I have primarily used basic patterns such as singleton and factory. ChatGPT helps me understand and use any programming pattern with descriptions and examples in any language.

ChatGPT is really good in programming patterns and their examples in any language

Writing articles

ChatGPT can rephrase your text and make it look more “native”.

By the way, this is true. My friend really has recently launched a language learning solution that allows you to practice speaking with ChatGPT in your target language. The application is designed to correct and improve your conversational skills, providing a helpful tool for language learners. Here is the link:


I have been skeptical of Microsoft in the past due to some questionable decisions made during Balmer’s tenure. However, it seems that they have made some improvements since then. A developer friend of mine recommended BING Chat, and I gave it a try. I was impressed with its ability to format text and insert reference links into results. It looks promising, and I plan to compare it a few times with ChatGPT.

BING Chat runs only in Edge and only after signing into MS

Advice on painters, compare ChatGPT to BING Chat

BING Chat delivered more relevant results this time.

Writing poems

write a love poem to a happy rabbit

Oh, Happy Rabbit, with your cotton tail so bright,
Your bouncy hops fill my heart with pure delight,
Your fluffy fur and wiggling nose,
Have captured my heart, as everyone knows.

Your curious eyes, forever shining bright,
Are filled with wonder and childlike delight,
As you explore the world, with such zeal and might,
And bring joy to all, in your playful sight.

Oh Happy Rabbit, with you by my side,
I feel my heart is truly alive,
Your love, your laughter, your gentle stride,
Fill my soul with warmth, and help me thrive.

So here’s my love, for all to see,
A poem for you, from the heart of me,
Oh, Happy Rabbit, my love is true,
I hope you feel it, and love me too.

These pictures were generated using stable diffusion. If you’re interested in learning more about the process, please let me know and I will be happy to write a post about it 🙂

Author: Zsolt Balai, an avid language enthusiast and application developer