Each month there are new practical uses of machine learning and deep learning. Here we are concentrating on useful projects, like recognizing missing children, writing emails ten times faster or even a computer phoning automatically to make an appointment. If you need basics about deep learning, please read my earlier post. Otherwise let’s check the latest developments.

Deep Learning Made Simple

One of the biggest challenge in deep learning is the lack of experienced and affordable engineers. One team tries to simplify the whole deep learning engineering so that even beginner programmers with little to none deep learning experience can start building usable solutions. For me this was the greatest news this month. The team is called LOBE.AI and here you can see their video. You can basically drag and drop a model together. Either they or some other team will simplify deep learning development so that basically anyone will get access to this technology. I would not wonder if a major company like Google, Amazon or Microsoft would quickly acquire them.

Thousands of Missing Children in India Identified Through Facial Recognition Pilot Experiment

According to the Indian news outlet NDTV, nearly 3,000 missing children have been located in New Delhi only four days after the city police department adopted an experimental facial recognition system (FRS) software program. I think it is one of the most beneficial and logical uses of this technology.

Pay attention at the back: Chinese school installs facial recognition cameras to keep an eye on pupils

“A school in eastern China has installed cameras to monitor pupils’ facial expressions and attentiveness in class, an online news portal has reported.” I don’t know if we should be happy or sad about this. Seems very Orwellian for me. I hate frontal teaching anyway and this tool enforces continous showing of attention. Although it can also be used as a friendly tool to detect students who do not understand the current subject. We cannot and should not ignore these developments.

Google AI Projects

I’ve found not one but three amazing projects this month from the search giant. Most likely you have seen the AI calling a phone number.

This is far from the complete picture. Google has introduced two more amazing tools:

  • Intelligent context based email text prediction
  • Deep searching for answers in books

You can click on the images below.