YAML Config File Reader for Unity 3D

This is a page for YAML Config File Reader of Unity 3D. I applied for the Unity 3D store with this package, but it was not accepted. I see, that people are looking for this, so I give it to you with this direct link.

YAML is a human friendly data serialization standard for all programming languages.

This is a package to read this type of file into unity objects. It is in C#, but can be called from Javascript too. (This is why it is in Standard Assets.)
Coding itself is from Antoine Aubry at

It was intergrated into the Unty 3D environment and tested for Android.

Additional information can be found at:



You can test by assigning YamlDotNet2013SepTest_01 and 02 scripts to a game object.



  • By any problem please first test your YAML file using YAML JS browser.
  • If you compile it for Android, please change .NET settings from .NET subset to .NET 2.0.
  • JSON is a subset of YAML, so you can read JSON files too
  • Config files should be in Resources folder
  • It seems, that this asset is not running in web player because of lack of .NET API support. I am looking for a solution.